The team behind Final Equinox: The Arrival


Kevin Sawall (Project Director & Creative Lead): One of the Co-Founders of Frozen Wasteland Entertainment, Kevin spent much of the pre production designing the shape and feel of the world. Outlining major events and races. He is currently working on the narrative and the dialogue in the game, as well as an array of other responsibilities.


Jonathan Phelps (Lead Programmer & Producer): One of the Co-Founders of Frozen Wasteland Entertainment, Jon spends much of his time getting the engine running properly and overseeing the implementation of different assets into the game. His favorite games include open world RPGs with a strong exploration focus, and strategy games. 


John Seiles (Art Lead & Soundtrack): John brings his charismatic design style to the forefront of the Frozen Wasteland. John is currently working on ship designs and array of other fantastic concept art. He also has been working on the soundtrack in his spare time. John has high standards which he believes games should be held to, and is helping Final Equinox: The Arrival live up to them.


Noel-Tien Nguyen (Illustrator): Noel-Tien is a concept artist who specializes in character design. He is persevering, organized, not afraid of challenges, and is always looking for ways to improve himself and his art skills. He is currently traveling through Vietnam and many of his travels have inspired his artwork. Noel-Tien has worked on many smaller games, and has an interest in Rpgs.


Nace Jelovcan (3D Artist): Nace is one of our Slovenian 3D artists currently working on Final Equinox: The Arrival. His role includes helping create the look and feel of the different factions the player encounters throughout the game. Nace has experience modeling, texturing, and animating objects throughout different smaller games and unreleased projects.


Mattisse Chevere (3D Artist): Mattisse is another one of our 3D artists. He is currently studying 3D art in Miami Florida, and has been providing his technical knowledge as well. Mattisse has worked on smaller student projects throughout his time at school.


Max Petersson (System Designer): Max is in charge of game design. He draws on past experiences playing tabletop pen and paper role playing games to help create an effective combat system in the game. Max has once described rpg skill trees as better than porn. He also built his own desk, which is pretty cool.


Tyler Davidson (Programmer): Tyler is an experienced C++ programmer who enjoys playing video games as well as creating them. before joining the Final Equinox: The Arrival team. Tyler was a modder working on programming work for Neverwinter Nights 2 mods. Tyler has a wide interest in different types of games, and is able to use this to help improve Final Equinox: The Arrival.

Hong Luu (Programmer): Hong is a recent graduate living in Los Angeles California. He has contributed his programming knowledge to many different projects throughout his time at University, and has a strong interest in space, science fiction, and roleplaying games.


As well as other artists and designers who have contributed on a freelance basis.  Full credits will be updated on completion.