The team behind Final Equinox: The Arrival


Kevin Sawall (Project Director & Lead Designer): One of the Co-Founders of Frozen Wasteland Entertainment, Kevin spent much of the pre production designing the shape and feel of the world. Outlining major event, races, and areas.. He is currently working on the narrative and the dialogue in the game, as well as an array of other responsibilities.


Jonathan Phelps (Lead Programmer & Producer): One of the Co-Founders of Frozen Wasteland Entertainment, Jon spends much of his time getting the engine running properly and overseeing the implementation of different assets into the game. His favorite games include open world RPGs with a strong exploration focus. 


Sergey Yegorow (Lead Artist): Sergey brings his unique vision and talent to Frozen Wasteland to help perfect many of our more mechanically oriented designs.. Much of his work has included creating unique concept art our artists can work off of. Sergey also helps shape and define the overall look and feel of our world. 


Noel-Tien Nguyen (Senior Artist): Noel-Tien is a Senior Artist who specializes in character design. He is persevering, organized, not afraid of challenges, and is always looking for ways to improve himself and his art skills. He is currently traveling through Vietnam and many of his travels have inspired his artwork. Noel-Tien has worked on many smaller games, and has an interest in Rpgs.


Memo Cárdenas (Environment Concept Artist): Memo is a recent graduate based in Savannah, Georgia. His areas of experience range from storyboarding to background design for animation. As a concept artist at Frozen Wasteland, he is responsible for the development of the design and feel of multiple worlds in Final Equinox.


 John Ingalls (2D Artist): John is contributing to character design, as well as other design concepts of Final Equinox. Currently living in Texas, but realizes he should never have left Alaska, because this heat is ridiculous.


Mattisse Chevere (3D Artist): Mattisse is another one of our 3D artists. He is currently studying 3D art in Miami Florida, and has been providing his technical knowledge as well. Mattisse has worked on smaller student projects throughout his time at school.


Hong Luu (Programmer): Hong is a recent graduate living in Los Angeles California. He has contributed his programming knowledge to many different projects throughout his time at University, and has a strong interest in space and science fiction.


Julian Stelter (Game Designer): Julian is a Game Designer and Visual Designer based in Berlin. Over the last years he has been working in independent game development focussing on Game Design, Concept Art and UI Art. In the past he has been working on a variety of projects at varying occupations. This includes work in the advertising and cultural sector, management as co-founder of two companies, project planning and funding as well as work on an artificial intelligence software for videogames. He has a great passion for creating art and designs, especially in the science fiction and fantasy genres.


As well as other artists and designers who have contributed on a freelance basis.  Full credits will be updated on completion.