Crew play an important role in Final Equinox: The Arrival. Throughout the game key crew members will approach you and speak to you about your decisions acting as your moral compass in the unforgiving Outerworlds. When you’re in the Outerworlds you are going to need the best crew. Get ready to meet…

A Young Reckless Soul, Looking for Clarity

Sam Baker







Sam is the greenest members of your crew. A recent graduate of the academy and a son of an important political figure, Sam spent a few years serving as a navigator on smaller vessels before being placed under your command.

His quick thinking and expert navigational skills will become useful, but his harsh and aggressive personality may be off-putting to some.  Sam expresses his beliefs proudly and ridicules and mocks those who disagree with him.

A Young Warrior Broken And Battered




Arpawn is an Admiral for the rebel group, Valhin’s Alliance. He is tough, honorable, and incredibly violent, and believes without question that his cause is just. Arpawn came to Vahlin’s Alliance as at a very young age. He was the product of infidelity between one of the higher ranking Generals and a prostitute. This has hurt his reputation within the faction, but despite this, he has still risen to a rank higher than his father’s due to his overwhelming tactical prowess and strength.  He is a leader who stands and fights side by side with his own soldiers.

In Final Equinox: The Arrival it is up to you to decide who will serve on your bridge, and Arpawn will surely be someone to think long and hard about. He will not be easy to communicate with, due to his overwhelming distrust of the Galactic Commonwealth, but if you choose to allow him to fight with you, he will make a strong and powerful ally. His presence on your bridge will also draw a few unsavory glances from some of your crew.

A Man Old and Complacent

Commander Daniel Redding





Committing to a life of military service at a young age, Commander Redding is a long time member of the Galactic fleet. He has served on serval ships, under several different Admirals. After his loss at the Battle of Dellvi, Redding was made the station commander for Oracle Battlestation. While he may not be the easiest person to get along with, his quick thinking and military knowledge, make him a useful member of your crew.

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