Final Equinox: The Arrival


Final Equinox: The Arrival is a turn-based tactical RPG with visual novel-like dialogue encounters and ship-to-ship space combat. As a newly minted admiral, you will be forced to make morally ambiguous choices. You must learn to manage your crew to gain maximum efficiency in combat. Final Equinox: The Arrival focuses on the story just as much as it does on the gameplay. Both your decisions in combat and in dialogue will have long-term consequences throughout the course of the game. Can you lead your crew to safety? Are your crew ready to lay down their lives for you? Are you ready to lead?


  • Turn-based ship combat with 4 unique ship classes.
  • Branching dialogue, which is affected by skill and background of the player.
  • A skill-based character creation system, with special combat abilities from you and your crew.
  • Unique crew management system.
  • 8 interactable crew members.
  • Randomized travel events, which could shape the fate of you and your crew.
  • 7 Unique planets to explore.

Ship To Ship Combat


Experience combat like never before. In Final Equinox: The Arrival you are the admiral of your fleet and it is up to you to protect your crew and vanquish your enemies. Use different strategies to outmaneuver and flank your opponents as you gain the upper hand. Different classes of ships will require different tactics. Can you lead your fleet to victory?

Your Crew


AS the admiral of a fleet, you know your crew is the lifeblood of your ship. Your crew grant you the use of special abilities and will man your ship. The decisions you make will affect the morale of your crew giving you advantages and disadvantages in combat. Journey with eight interactable companions, as their stories become interwiened with yours. How will your crew perceive you? Will they trust, respect, or fear you? Those decisions are up to you.

Reactive Dialogue


The dialogue interactions will take place through a visual novel like interface. Explore the many different branching paths as you progress the story in the direction you want to go. Whether big or small, each interaction in the game will remember your choices with an immediate or long-term payoff. Can you make the choices to keep your crew alive? Will you be able to explain your decisions? Our story reacts to the way you play.

Unique Locations


Journey into the stars and encounter planets and locations like you’ve never seen before. Uncover the mystery of the ancient races and look to the stars as you forge ahead and discover the unknowable. Final Equinox: The Arrival features a world never seen before as grounded science and the fantastical merge. Each location comes with new experiences and mysteries to unlock.