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Final Equinox: The Arrival is a turn based space combat sci-fi role playing game set in a unique and interesting Universe. The player is a newly appointed star ship admiral whose fleet encounters a new enemy in deep space. The game takes place in a complex world filled with multiple different races, in the midst of political upheaval. Rules and feel of the game hark back to the days of old school role-playing games,where combat is difficult and the game forces players into morally compromising situations.

Company Information

Frozen Wasteland Entertainment was founded by two friends during the cold the Wisconsin winter. Jonathan and Kevin had decided that they would undertake the great challenge of creating a role playing game.


Explore a new and unique setting. An empire transitions, while another race attempts to hold on to remnants of its past. The world of Final Equinox is unlike anything else. Religion, politics, and cultures clash, in a world where conflict is prevalent and the scars of a violent history are still visible.

Final Equinox: The Arrival takes place in the Outerworlds, a newly colonized area run by cruel warlords or governors who have been appointed due to political favors. The past remnants of the Krum Rebellion still exist in the outer worlds, and have either gone into hiding or are planning their next strike.


Final Equinox: The Arrival has a unique combat system, which will affect the dialogue choices of the player, as well as the stats of the ships. Throughout the game, the player will be able to rearrange his crew members in different positions on the ship, which will affect the ship’s movement, firepower, as well as other special abilities. Our system is fundamental to the overall feel of the game. Crew members became very important as they gain experience and increase their skills as time goes on. If a ship is lost in combat, the player is not able to get the crew on that ship back.

Player Choice and Agency

Player choice and reactivity is one of the core pillars of Final Equinox: The Arrival. We enjoy putting the player in difficult positions and seeing how they react. The choices the player makes will affect the way others perceive them. Throughout the game, the choices the players make will be questioned by their crew. Certain choices could also affect the morale of the ship, which will then affect how the fleet performs in battle. As a leader in the Galactic Fleet, the choices of the player will have far and lasting consequences.




Frozen Wasteland Entertainment
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Founded in 2016

Release date




Regular Price
to be determined

Monetization Permission

Frozen Wasteland Entertainment LLC allows for the contents of Final Equinox: The Arrival to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Final Equinox: The Arrival is legally & explicitly allowed by Frozen Wasteland Entertainment LLC. 






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