The Krum

Home-World: Tryonn

The Krum are one of the larger races in the galaxies. The Krum are known for being extremely strong, yet most of them try to avoid conflict. Most Krum are born with a natural born rage, which many of them have suppressed. During combat, some Krum will whip themselves into a frenzy (embracing their blood vision), and then become incredibly strong and powerful. When they are embracing their blood vision, friends and foe have a tendency of becoming confused, and this has caused many Krum to avoid using it in combat. The Krum are a very masculine society. Many of the women are treated as though they are a second class, and even though there can be Krovellas, which rule the kingdom, many times they receive far less respect than their male counterparts. Many of the Krum still don’t talk about the War of Great Expansion.

The Malderians

Home-World: Malderon

A race of humanoid aliens Their empire once encompassed their known world, But as other factions began to question their power, they saw their empire shift into the Galactic Commonwealth. They were the first alien race that humans came into contact with, they absorbed the humans into part of their empire, and as their empire fell, the human race became more advanced and became larger players on a political level.

They are still considered the leaders of the Commonwealth to many of the other races and frequently clash with the Krum. They are demanding and ruthless and when they encounter another species they give them the option to join them or die.

The Terrans

Homeworld: Terra (also known as Earth)

Humans were the last of the four main races in the inner ring to reach outer space to be discovered by the Malderians. Despite this, their strong perseverance caused them to be key leaders in the transition from the Malderian Empire into the Galactic Commonwealth. The Terran Confederation is currently in control of two solar systems, with multiple planets that have been either tera-formed or are far into the process. All races are treated well within their borders, which has caused many of their planets and colonies to become key trade hubs.

The Barkhomi

Home World: Nexon

The Barkhomi, are the most exclusive race in the galaxy. Most of the Barkomi are scientists or mechanics, believing that machines are the answers to the galaxies problems. They spent much of their time building new machines and experimenting on different alien species. Some of what they do could be viewed as a violation of Galactic Commonwealth Law, but most turn a blind eye, because of their many scientific discoveries. Most Barkhomi live in communes which are separated by job and class.

The Barkhomi have a tendency to value science and mathematics above physical activity. The Barkhomi that live in the Collective are known as the chosen children, while those that leave the colonies are known as Outworlders.

The Ancients

Homeworld: Unkown

The Ancients, or Vernan, play an important role in the universe. Not much is known in particular about them, but their technology still plays an important role in the Outerworlds. Some of their ships can still be found in certain sections of the outworlds, and scavengers who find and collect the material, which they make their ships out of Tarbaterrium which is incredibly valuable, and strong. Tibaterrium is easily malleable after it is heated up to 500 degrees Celsius. Tarbaterrium is a far superior material to anything else that the Galactic Commonwealth has access to.

In the Outerworlds, much of what remains of their technology can be found. Old ships, as well as older mechanical devices, can even be found. The Ancients were also able to create Androids or Synths. While there are not many Synths, some have managed to blend well into the rest of the Outerworlds, by claiming to be members of a different race.

Some in the Outerworlds worship the ancients as godlike beings, believing that they left their technology behind on purpose, to help the people in the outer worlds gain their independence. Not much is actually known about the ancients, despite the fact that there are some who spend their whole lives trying to interpret their language and try to discover where they went.